About Us

I’m Allison, the human behind Sanka Family Farm. Our private hobby farm is located in suburban Philadelphia. When I’m not out in the yard with the little dinosaurs or crafting soaps, sugar scrubs, skin balms, lip balm, knitting, or sewing reusable grocery bags, I’m with my family or at a my son’s baseball games. I also work in an office as a marketing director.

About Sanka Family Farm

Sanka Family Farm is a suburban hobby farm, with four hens, a bunch of woodland animals, and a few small plots of tomatoes, peppers, and herbs in the summer. We would love to grow more, but because we’re in the woods and have mostly shade, we don’t have enough sun. So we focus on the chickens. You can follow the entertaining antics of our mini flock members, Mabel, Daisy, Juno, and Cleo on Instagram.

A lifelong crafter and owner of the former online yarn shop Supercrafty, Allison Sanka makes handmade soaps, lip balms, skin balms, lotion bars, sugar scrubs, essential oil air freshener sprays, reusable grocery bags crafted from chicken feed sacks, and sells them online in the Sanka Family Farm Etsy Shop. We do not test anything we make on animals. (The chickens would not like that.)

100% to Farm Animal Rescue Charities

100% of net proceeds from the sales of our handmade items will benefit a different 501(c)(3) animal rescue or sanctuary each quarter. For Q1 2020 we will be supporting Funky Chicken Rescue in Vacaville, California. Read more about why we love and support Funky Chicken Rescue here.

So why did I decide to give all my profits away, like I’m Paul Newman or something? I have a regular job in an office, and crafting is my hobby. I wanted to use my crafting for good, and I liked the idea of fundraising in this way. It seems to be working well! But there are more reasons. Years ago, before Etsy existed, I made a business of a hobby (online yarn and craft store), and after nearly 7 years, it became more work and less fun. Instead of making this another job, working 60 hours a week to make less than minimum wage, (sadly, it’s the truth) and worrying about profits and building the business, I strive to use my craft powers to create beautiful, functional, good quality products for a fair price, and to financially support organizations I care about. The prices I charge cover my costs, and the profit goes to the beneficiary 501(c)(3) certified organization.

I love making things, people enjoy the things I make, and adorable animals get the medical care and shelter they need. It’s a win for all!

Thank you for supporting the Sanka Family Farm store!