Q2 2020: Supporting Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary

100% of net proceeds from my Etsy Shop benefits a different 501(c)(3) farm animal rescue/ sanctuary each quarter. From April through June 2020, Sanka Family Farm Etsy Shop sales supported Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.

Photo Courtesy of Hope Haven Farm

Back in 2008, Dr. Karen Phillips was feeling upset by the number of unwanted ducks, pigs, and roosters being surrendered at the animal shelter where she worked as a veterinary surgeon.

“Most of these farm animals could not be properly housed in the stainless steel cat cages or long dog runs, so I had been taking many of them home to care for myself,” Karen says. Feeling she had to do something to help these special farm animals, her eyes opened to her life’s purpose.

“I decided I would start a farm animal sanctuary and raise public awareness to the plight of thousands of voiceless animals,” she says. And so, Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary was born! In June 2011, she purchased an overgrown and neglected 6-acre property near Pittsburgh, PA to house the farm. “It was a diamond-in-the-rough; its potential made my heart sing!” she says. Soon after, Hope Haven became became a certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Karen pours her heart and soul into running Hope Haven and caring for animals who need a home. Just take a look at Hope Haven’s Facebook and Instagram posts to see her dedication and love for these animals in action. But running a farm sanctuary is expensive. Animals need shelter, bedding, medication, and food, which costs thousands of dollars each month.

And that’s where we – you and I – come in to help.

From April 2-June 30, 2020, when you purchase handmade soaps, lip balms, skin salves, room sprays, lotion bars, reusable grocery bags crafted from chicken feed sacks, and more from my Etsy store, $1-$5 from every single item sold went to support Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary. I donate 100% of net profits to charity, sending the beneficiary organization funds on a monthly basis, and reporting the amount raised on the Sanka Family Farm Facebook page. You can read more about how and why I started doing this here

To keep up-to-date on all the happenings and beautiful animals at Hope Haven, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. Here are some of the beautiful residents of Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary.

Here are more ways to help Hope Haven Farm:

You can donate directly to Hope Haven Farm on their website. Check out their options to sponsor a specific farm animal resident, too!

Or, send a gift to them off Hope Haven’s Amazon Wish List.

Thank you for your support!