Q4 2019: Supporting First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary

100% of net proceeds from our Etsy Shop will benefit a different 501(c)(3) farm animal rescue or sanctuary each quarter. From October through December 2019, shop sales supported First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary in Riverview, Florida.

You can donate directly to the FLFAS by Paypal (firstladiesfarm at gmail.com) or Venmo at firstladiesfarm. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to keep up-to-date on all the farm animal antics! Here are some of the beautiful residents, saved from abandonment, cruelty, and neglect, and healed from the brink of death.

I first started following First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary after reading about a rescue rooster they nursed back from the brink of death after humans burned him. It was a powerful and drama-filled recovery. Happily, Fuego is now happy and healthy, and has a lovely flock of hens to call his own at the FLFAS. In addition to roosters, they have cats (the star is Tiny Ernest), hens, ducks, and peacocks (we love Peabody!) The place is teeming with personality and there’s a new story every day.

FLFAS needs funds to feed and house this big brood, as well as pay for the biggest expense, vet bills. Our fundraising supported building a new barn for the animals. Your purchase at our shop supported this initiative, and helped make sure they can say “yes, we’ll take them” to more animals and get them the care they need.

Follow the Ladies’ adventures, and fall in love with the sanctuary residents, as I have.
Facebook: https://bit.ly/2ludAk1
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/firstladiesfarm/

From October-December 2019, when you purchased from my Etsy store or from our in-person markets, at least $1 from every single item sold went to support First Ladies Farm. I sent funds to the beneficiary nonprofit monthly.

Over the 3 months, together we raised $542 for First Ladies Farm and Sanctuary! Thank you for your generous support of my Etsy store and in-person sales at 2 holiday markets.

So why did I decide to give all my profits away, like I’m Paul Newman or something? I have a regular job in an office, and crafting is my hobby. Years ago, before Etsy existed, I made a business of a hobby (online yarn and craft store), and after nearly 7 years, it became more work and less fun. Instead of making this another job and worrying about profits and building the business, I strive to use my craft powers to create beautiful, functional, good quality products for a fair price, and to financially support organizations I care about. The prices I charge cover my costs, and the extra goes to the beneficiary organization.

I love making things, people enjoy the things I make, and adorable animals get the medical care and shelter they need. It’s a win for all!

Thank you for supporting the Sanka Family Farm store!