Welcome to Sanka Family Farm! I’m Allison, the human behind our private hobby farm. You’ll find me out in the yard with our 7 hens, gardening, crafting soaps and skin salves, or coming up with new antics for our barred rock hen, Mabel, for our t-shirts, mugs, and greeting cards.

About Sanka Family Farm

Sanka Family Farm is a hobby farm located in suburban Philadelphia. We have five hens, a bunch of woodland animals, and a small vegetable garden in the summer. A lifelong crafter, I make handmade soaps, lip balms, skin balms, lotion bars and sell them online in the Sanka Family Farm Etsy Shop.

100% to Farm Animal Rescue Charities

We donate 100% of net profits to women-run farm sanctuaries, which is $1-5 from each item sold. Since 2019, together we’ve raised over $4,000 for farm animal rescues! All net proceeds from the sales of our handmade items in our Etsy Store will benefit a different 501(c)(3) animal rescue or sanctuary each month from October – December each year. For 2022, October sales will benefit First Ladies Farm in Florida, November sales benefit Funky Chicken Rescue in California, and December sales benefit Hope Haven Farm Sanctuary in Pennsylvania. Read more about them on our blog.

I’m proud to be a 5-star rated seller on Etsy, and I use natural, organic, chemical-free ingredients when possible, offer many vegan skincare products, and I do not test anything on animals. (The chickens would not like that.) My Etsy shop carries many varieties of handmade soaps, your favorite skin and cuticle balms, lip balm, and of course chicken themed gifts and items, including new Mabel sled merch, plus Hanukkah, Birthday, and Mabel skateboard greeting cards. We even have chicken-in-a-bike-basket note cards, based on a true story (art imitates life!)

Supporting Farm Animal Rescues

So why did I decide to give all my profits away, like I’m Paul Newman or something? Crafting is my hobby. I wanted to use my crafting for good, and I liked the idea of fundraising in this way. It seems to be working well! But there are more reasons. Years ago, before Etsy existed, I made a business of a hobby (online yarn and craft store), and after nearly 7 years, it became more work and less fun. Now, I strive to use my craft powers to create beautiful, functional, good quality products for a fair price, and to financially support organizations I care about. The prices I charge cover my costs, and the profit goes to the beneficiary 501(c)(3) certified organization. To learn more about who we support, visit our blog.

I love making things, people enjoy the things I make, and adorable animals get the medical care and shelter they need. It’s a win for all!

Thank you for visiting and supporting the Sanka Family Farm store!

2021 Flock Family Portrait – Lower L to R: Mabel, Juno, Willow, Buffy, Cleo (on seat)